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Bruker NT9300 Surface Optical Profiler

The Bruker NT9300 Optical Profiler

White light interferometric (WLI) optical profilers from Bruker are optimized to address a wide range of advanced production QA/QC and R&D precision machining and manufacturing applications within the high brightness LED, solar, ophthalmic, semiconductor, medical device and academic research markets. Based on ten generations of proprietary technology advances, Bruker’s white light interferometric profilers feature patented, higher brightness dual-LED illumination that, when combined with the systems’ superior vertical resolution, provide the high sensitivity and stability necessary for precision, non-contact 3D surface metrology in applications and environments that are challenging for other metrology systems.

The NT9300 Optical Profiler measures surface topography from nanometer-scale roughness through millimeter-scale steps, with an unmatched combination of sub-nanometer resolution, gauge-capable repeatability, and production-level speed. Incorporating ninth-generation innovations and product reliability, these interferometry systems provide the industry’s most precise, 3D surface metrology for R&D, product development, process control, and failure analysis.

The ninth-generation NT9300 offers the flexibility, gauge capability and rock-solid reliability to support 24/7 production. With push-button simplicity and fast data acquisition, the NT9300 enables process development and quality control for demanding high-throughput manufacturing. Bruker’s patented dual-LED source enables a broad array of measurements. A white LED provides stable vertical scanning interferometry (VSI) mode measurements, while a dedicated green LED powers ultra-high precision phase shifting interferometry (PSI) mode measurements. Together, these provide an optimal range for a vast array of materials and applications.

  • Fully programmable, automated XY stage.
  • Next-generation, high-performance system for rapid production measurement.
  • Sub-nanometer resolution.
  • Industry-leading Vision® software for complete analysis, automation and control.
  • Expandable to address future needs.