Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory

An unprecedented collection of instrumentation for surface analysis at the nanoscale and beyond.

Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory

ICP-MS Equipment

PerkinElmer NexION 2000 ICP-MS

The NPC lab houses the most advanced instrumentation for high-quality research and a range of analytical needs. ICP-MS analysis is available for researchers to rapidly determine the qualitative and quantitative composition with wide element coverage (~80 elements) in a single run. The uniquely constructed facility enables the chemical analysis at a part per trillion (ppt, pg/mL) scale with high sensitivity, which shows a much lower detection limit as compared to other analytical instruments (e.g., ICP-OES, AAS).

The NPC lab provides researchers with consultation about a variety of samples for effective decision-making based on the customer’s demands and interests. Furthermore, we offer services from sample preparation, such as developing acid digestion protocols, to data acquisition with optimizing experimental conditions. Well-trained staff will conduct the entire analysis including providing data reports with background correction.

Technical Capabilities

  • Wide element coverage (~80 elements)
  • Low detection limits with high sensitivity (pg/mL)
  • Rapid multi-element quantitative analysis
  • Quick analysis for unknown sample
  • Available combination with HPLC


  • Drug delivery (drug release kinetics, biodistribution)
  • Concentration measurement of metal-containing proteins
  • Impurities / composition / stoichiometric ratio / ion release kinetics
  • Toxic elements analysis (As, Pb, Cd, Hg, etc.) in food, soil
  • Trace metal analysis in drinking water and wastewater


PerkinElmer NexION 2000 ICP-MS

  • A dedicated SMARTintro sample-introduction module simplifies operator setup, streamlining your workflows
  • Extended Dynamic Range capabilities provide the ability to detect high-and low-level elements in a single sample run
  • Three quadrupoles, three gas channels, and three modes of operation combine to offer better interference removal, delivering better detection limits/improved data accuracy
  • The industry’s fastest data acquisition speed on the market (100,000 points/sec) to handle any particle size
  • A new solid-state RF generator with revolutionary LumiCoil technology – first ICP-MS RF coil that requires no maintenance or cooling
  • Triple Cone Interface with Quadrupole Ion Deflector, delivering no maintenance beyond the cones
  • Syngistix software provides an intuitive interface that mirrors your workflow, with left-to-right, icon-based navigation that guides you through your analysis. Plus, it’s a cross-platform solution, easing the transition from technique to technique