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MakerBot 2X 3D Printer

The Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer from MakerBot provides access to experimental, dual-extrusion 3D printing. With precisely aligned dual nozzles, the Replicator 2X allows you to add another level of creativity to your 3D models with the ability to print in one or two colors. MakerBot also provides updates to their MakerBot software in order to make it easier to generate dual-extrusion prints. Firmware improvements will also help reduce filament reversal, retraction, and over-run, which means there will be more definition between colors.

The extruder has an easy-load filament lever, while the redesigned filament feeding system dramatically reduces stripping, skipping, and jamming. The constant filament feeding system has no parts that wear out or need adjustment.

The Replicator 2X provides a 100-micron layer resolution for high-quality 3D prints that require little to no sanding or post-production. The Replicator 2X also connects to your computer via a USB cable or a Secure Digital memory card. In conjunction with MakerBot MakerWare software, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently print your 3D models with ease, thanks to the user-friendly interface and intuitive icons and menus.

Built with an industrial-strength, powder-coated steel frame, the Replicator 2X can handle high print speeds. The wear-resistant, oil-infused bronze bearings require less maintenance for added convenience. The 3-point leveling system allows you to adjust the build platform with precision.

The Replicator 2X also has a six-sided enclosure for stabilized ABS cooling. The enclosed sides block drafts and stabilize the ABS cooling period for less cracking and peeling on your 3D prints. The magnetic lid snaps on and off while the magnetic latches keep children’s hands away from the hot components. While your 3D model may be enclosed, the clear-view top and sides allow you to monitor the progress of your 3D print. The friction-hinge door stays where you put it for easy print retrieval. The thermal core design stabilizes the internal temperature for more reliable prints, leading to less maintenance and more uptime.

  • Easy-Load Extruder
  • Dual Extrusion 3D Printing
  • Six-Sided Enclosure for Stabilized ABS Cooling
  • 100-Micron Layer Resolution
  • MakerBot MakerWare Software