Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory

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Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory

ICP-MS Equipment

Shimadzu ICPE-9000 ICP-OES

ICP emission spectrometers is a qualitative and quantitative analysis tool to determine the presence and concentration of elements in the samples by detecting element-specific spectral lines using spectrometer. Those emitted lights (wavelengths) correlate with the presence of atoms or ions of certain elements (qualitative analysis) and the intensity of these spectral lines correspond to the concentration of elements (quantitative analysis) by determined from calibration curve with standard solution. Shimadzu ICP-OES, ICPE-9000, continuously records measurements for all elements and all wavelengths which is the best option for analysis with up to 71 multiple elements simultaneously. This feature grants that additional wavelengths and elements can be added for further characterization even after measuring.

  • A broad range of detection ability between ppm (mg/L) and sub-ppb (μg/L)
  • Batch analysis with multiple elements (71 elements) simultaneously
  • Shorter analysis time and improved high-matrix sample detection
  • Automatic wavelength selection to eliminate effects of spectral interference
  • Qualitative and Semi-quantitative analysis with unknown sample
  • Switchable between axial and radial observation directions

Shimadzu ICPE-9000

Key Features

  1. Measures a variety of elements with high sensitivity and
    saves energy by analyzing multiple elements
  2. Simultaneously analyzes elements ranging from
    ultra-trace to high-concentration elements.
  3. Enables qualitative analysis.