Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory

An unprecedented collection of instrumentation for surface analysis at the nanoscale and beyond.

Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory

How to Become a User

1. Create CNSI Lab Management System (CLMS) account

NPC uses the CNSI Lab Management System (CLMS) , a centralized reservation system, to manage reservations for all the instruments. Create a CLMS account here to have access to the system. The CLMS account is subject to approval from CNSI and NPC. Normally, it takes a few days to process a new account request.

2. Complete User Agreement forms

Complete and sign the NPC Laboratory User Agreement. This form must be filled out, signed by the user and PI, and uploaded to your CLMS account. Users and the respective PI are responsible for maintaining all safety training records required by UCLA Environmental Health & Safety. Users must also fill out return the CNSI Technology Center User Agreement. This document covers all Technology Centers at CNSI and needs only to be filled out once.

3. Obtain training
Training is required in order to use all NPC equipment. Thereafter, users are permitted to use the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please contact the NPC Lab at to set an appointment for training. Training is not available without a completed NPC Application form. 

4. General Policies
Users are permitted to use the NPC facility after creating a CLMS account, presenting a signed NPC User Agreement and completing training. Using instruments without a reservation on CLMS is not permitted. Users must comply with general CNSI and internal NPC policies and be aware of related charges. All users have equal access to the facility on a first come, first serve basis during normal working hours via CLMS.

For grant reporting and application purposes, all publications reporting data generated from the NPC instruments should contain the following statement at the end of the acknowledgement section of the publications:

“The authors acknowledge the use of instruments at the Nano and Pico Characterization Lab at the California NanoSystems Institute.”

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AFM image of dentin showing tubules. Dentin, along with enamel, cementum and pulp, make up the four major components of teeth.

AM-AFM phase image of aggregated exosomes. Interconnections (arrows) lacking characteristic phase shift, probably indicate some extravesicular protein content. Exosomes are 50-90 nm vesicles secreted by a wide range of mammalian cell types