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BioScope™ Catalyst™ Atomic Force Microscope with ScanAsyst

The BioScope™ Catalyst™ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with ScanAsyst™ provides uncompromised high-resolution optical imaging capability and thermally limited force measurements and features numerous hardware and software features that make it easier than ever to realize the unique benefits of combining atomic force microscopy and light microscopy. Bruker’s exclusive Microscope Image Registration and Overlay (MIRO™) feature automatically imports and rescales light microscope images, allowing them to be used to direct the location of AFM imaging and force measurements, and the Perfusing Stage Incubator accessory maintains ideal cell culture conditions for long-duration live cell studies. With its open-access design, unique integration software, and bio-friendly features and accessories, the BioScope Catalyst is the highest performance, most completely integrated, easiest to use life science AFM available on the market today.

New Standard for AFM and Light Microscopy Integration

  • MIRO software allows optical images to precisely guide AFM imaging and force measurements
  • Create correlated AFM and optical datasets with flexible offline analysis features

Simple, Effective Solutions for Biological Samples

  • Easy mounting for all common sample substrates, including slides, cover slips, and petri dishes
  • Micro-volume perfusion accessory provides ideal solution for applications that utilize expensive reagents
  • Petri dish perfusion accessory with heating capability allows long-duration cell studies
  • Perfusing Stage Incubator accessory enables long-duration cell studies, maintaining cell viability from hours to days

The Catalyst offers the most advanced and powerful new features in the industry, such as the revolutionary ScanAsyst and PeakForce QNM modes. ScanAsyst is Bruker’s revolutionary automated image optimization mode for operation in both liquid and air. It utilizes intelligent algorithms that continuously monitor image quality and make appropriate parameter adjustments to deliver faster, more consistent results, automatically, and regardless of operator skill level.

PeakForce QNM, Bruker’s proprietary, quantitative nanomechanical property mapping option, delivers more accurate, repeatable results for modulus and adhesion measurements while also helping to preserve sample and probe integrity.

Image of a group of Myxococcus zanthus bacteria. Each sausage shaped structure is a single bacterium.

Immunofluorescence of cells from plueral effusion. The LSM5 Zeiss confocal microscope coupled with the Catalyst enables simultaneous fluorescence confocal and AFM measurements. Image overlay provide “point and shoot” capabilities for localized force spectroscopy.

Streptoccocus mutans bacteria AFM deflection mode image taken under liquid conditions. Each bacterium is approx. 0.5 x 1.0 ?m.