Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory

An unprecedented collection of instrumentation for surface analysis at the nanoscale and beyond.

Innova® Scanning Probe Microscope

The Innova atomic force microscope provides more performance and flexibility at a greater value than any other SPM. The proprietary closed-loop scan delivers noise-levels that approach those of high-end, open-loop systems and offers a wide range of functionality for physical, materials, and life sciences, from sub-micron levels up to 90 microns.


  • Exclusive Whisper™ piezo scan technology delivers AFM performance and resolution second only to the Bruker MultiMode
  • Highest resolution optics deliver better data and accurate probe positioning
  • Fast tip exchange and superior sample access offer convenience and exceptional ease of use
  • Full range of SPM modes provides powerful research flexibility
    Advanced signal access and routing capabilities for custom research
  • Now with Dark Lift™, which leverages Bruker’s patented LiftMode capability, enabling you to distinguish between intrinsic electrical sample properties and photoelectric effects

Scanning Capacitance data of a Silicon DRAM cell. The 2-D dopant profile provided by dC/dV measurements allows the visualization of device defects and the extraction of critical parameters such as gate lengths. The powerful NanoDrive control electronics enable SCM on the Innova without the need for external lock-in amplifiers. Image size 45?m.