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Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory



JPK Nanowizard 4A

Today’s research topics in nanoscience are complex. Therefore a highly flexible AFM system is the first choice. With the new NanoWizard® 4a AFM you are well prepared for any future research project. The system comes with a wide range of modes and accessories for environmental control, mapping of nanomechanical, electrical, magnetic or thermal properties and seamless integration with advanced optical techniques. As a result of JPK‘s leading tip-scanner technology and our consistent modular design philosophy, the NanoWizard® 4a is the most flexible system available on the market today.

The NanoWizard® 4a NanoScience AFM combines closed-loop atomic resolution with fast scanning capabilities of up to 3 sec/image in a system and comes with a large scan range of 100µm in XY. It has the lowest noise levels of a closed-loop scanner and deflection detection system. The powerful digital Vortis™ A controller combines fast signal handling with lowest noise.

As an expert in force measurements JPK provides a complete set of methods to characterize mechanical properties. Especially for very soft or delicate samples or for samples under external load we have the right solution. JPK’s QI™ mode with its linear Z-movement and a full set of quantitative data in every pixel allow the extraction of quantitative data such as elasticity, adhesion, dissipation, chemical forces or conductivity. The automated large z-adjustment is developed for swelling samples or with a rough topography. The enhanced data analysis capabilities – especially for modulus calculation with its variety of selectable models – is a great benefit.

  • Enhance productivity, probe more sample areas in same time.
  • Do a quick survey over your sample.
  • Observe changes following sample dynamics in real time.
  • Perform time lapse studies on polymers, thin films, advanced materials, capsules and others.